Have you ever gone to The Home Depot with a specific project in mind and left feeling confused as to what weird stuff they sell? With over 2,200 stores around the world, you can be pretty sure there’s a Home Depot near you. And now that spring is here, we all have gardening on the brain. Whether it’s putting up a fence, planting flowers or creating an outdoor space for entertaining friends and family, there are plenty of things to think about before beginning any home improvement projects. Here are some hidden gems from The Home Depot that will come in handy if you’re planning on going green this year.

A pressure washer

If you’re wanting to clean your deck, siding, or patio, a pressure washer is a good investment. Some models can be used with soap, which is great for cleaning things like patio furniture that you don’t want to drag inside. If you only have a small area to clean, you can use a handheld model. But if you need something to clean a larger area, a bigger model will be necessary. Pressure washers are pretty loud and messy, so be sure to wear ear protection and eye protection as well. Be careful not to get too close to wood or other things if you’re using soap, as it can damage them. And when you’re done, don’t forget to unplug your pressure washer so it doesn’t start a fire. Pressure washers are great for cleaning patios, decks, siding, garage floors, and more. They’ll save you time and energy, and they don’t need to be used just during the spring cleaning months.

Gravel or pea gravel

For a walkway, patio, or garden path, a path of gravel is an inexpensive option. Chances are, you’ll want to use a different gravel for each of these applications. Unless you’re using a decorative gravel for a path, you’ll want to use a plain gravel with rounded edges for a walkway or patio because a path is often walked on, and you don’t want to injure your feet on sharp gravel. If you want a decorative gravel for a path, you can use pea gravel, which has smaller pieces. Gravel is one of the least expensive materials you can use to create a path, and it’s also easy to walk on and won’t cause you to trip as much as loose dirt would. If you have small children, choose a path that isn’t next to a sidewalk or street. This will provide a safe place for them to play and walk without risking injury.

Self-watering planters for herbs and veggies

You can create an attractive and easy-to-maintain garden with self-watering planters. You can find them in plastic, metal, or ceramic and in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. If you live in a warm climate, they’re great for herbs. And if you live somewhere it gets frosty during the winter, there are self-watering planters that allow you to plant vegetables year-round. Depending on the type of self-watering planter you choose, you should fill it with a mix of garden soil and sand or peat. You’ll want to plant your plants in the planter and then fill the tray with water so they’ll have a constant source of water.

An extension hose

Creating a watering system that waters your flowers, shrubs, and trees without you having to drag a hose around the yard is a great idea. An extension hose allows you to do this by attaching one end of the hose to a faucet and the other end to a hose. You can create a network of extension hoses that reach all the areas you want to water without having to drag a hose around your yard. An extension hose is great for watering shrubs, trees, and flowers around your property that you don’t want to drag a hose to. You can also use it to water your lawn. If you have a large property, you can use extension hoses to create a network that allows you to water everything with ease.

A corded drill

Drills are a handy tool to have around the house. They’re great for hanging pictures and other lightweight projects. They’re also good for more heavy-duty projects, such as drilling holes in wood for shelves or other furniture items and driving screws. If you’re planning on doing more than just hanging a few pictures, a corded drill is a good option. This type of drill is less expensive than a cordless drill, and you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries. If you’re only using your drill for lightweight projects, you may want to opt for a cordless model, which is less expensive. A corded drill is best for projects that require a lot of power. Home Depot garden center

Corded leaf blower

If you have a lot of leaves or other yard debris, a leaf blower will help you get rid of it. There are two types of leaf blowers: corded and cordless. A corded leaf blower has an electric cord, so you’ll need to plug it in to use it. A cordless model is battery-powered and is more expensive than the corded model. If you have a large property, you’ll likely want to go with a corded leaf blower. If you have a small yard and don’t have a lot of debris, you can get away with a cordless model. A corded leaf blower is best for large yards. It’s affordable and easy to use. It’s also great for clearing debris that gets stuck in shrubs and trees, such as acorns and pine needles.

Cordless leaf blower or vacuum

If you want something that will help you clean up leaves and other yard debris without having to use a rake, leaf blower, or shovel, a cordless leaf blower or vacuum is for you. These models are often used for cleaning up lawns and driveways, but they can also be used for cleaning up inside your house. A cordless leaf blower is a good choice if you want something easy to use for cleaning up leaves and other yard debris. A cordless leaf blower or vacuum is much less expensive than a corded model, and you don’t have to worry about tripping over an extension cord while cleaning. If you have a large yard, a cordless leaf blower or vacuum may not be the best option for you. It’s best for small yards with a few leaves and debris.

Cordless vacuum

If you have a lot of leaves and other yard debris, a cordless vacuum is a quick and easy way to clean it up. You can also use a cordless vacuum to clean up inside your house. It’s a good choice if you have a lot of hardwood floors because you don’t have to worry about sucking up the rugs or damaging them with a traditional vacuum. A cordless vacuum is a great choice for people who live in areas with a lot of leaves and other debris. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to drag a cord around behind you. A cordless vacuum is best for cleaning up leaves and other yard debris. It’s also a good choice if you have hardwood floors.


If you’re looking to make improvements to your home this spring, now is the time to start shopping around for new gardening tools and accessories. From cordless leaf blowers and vacuums to self-watering planters and extension hoses, The Home Depot has everything you need to get your outdoor space ready for spring and summer. So once you’ve finished shopping, don’t forget to also stock up on fertilizer, soil, and seeds so you can keep your new gardening tools busy all season long. END

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