Shrub is a drink that’s as refreshing in summer as it is in winter. It’s a vinegar-based beverage, typically made from fruit and sugar, and uses an acidic solution to preserve the fruits for extended storage. If you love having the occasional shandy or any other drink with lemonade and beer, you are going to love shrubs. These drinks are perfect for those who want something light and refreshing without the need for lots of artificial ingredients or additives. Shrubs can be made with almost any flavor combinations, but they normally have 3 main ingredients – fruit, sugar, and vinegar. Shrubs are great because you get all of the benefits of drinking vinegars such as apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar without needing to add it to every meal. They also make great gifts during the holidays!

What You’ll Need

– Fruit – The fruits you use will determine the flavor of your shrub. Some popular choices are grapes, lemons, limes, raspberries, and strawberries. You can use fresh or dried fruits for your shrub, though dried fruits will result in a more concentrated flavor. – Sugar – The amount of sugar you use will depend on personal preference. If you want a more sour taste, you might want less sugar, or vice versa. It’s best to use a combination of white sugar and brown sugar. – Vinegar – Choose a vinegar that will complement the flavor of your fruit. Apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar are the most popular options.

How to Make Shrub

First, combine the fruit and sugar in a large jar or other container. Next, cover the mixture and let it sit for 24 hours. After one day, pour the vinegar into the jar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Cover the jar and let it sit overnight, or for 8-12 hours. After the above process, you can either use the shrub in its liquid form or you can strain it and use the pulp for making other recipes such as jams or marmalades.

How Does Shrub Taste?

The taste of shrub will depend on the fruits you use to make it. For example, a raspberry shrub will taste more tart than a lemon shrub. While the vinegar will give it a tangy taste, you can adjust the amount to suit your personal taste buds. You can also adjust the sugar content to make it more or less sweet.

The Benefits of Drinking Shrub

– Helps with Weight Loss – Drinking vinegar has been linked with certain health benefits such as helping with weight loss due to the acetic acid content. Research has shown that acetic acid can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels which contributes to weight loss. – Detoxifies Your Body – Drinking vinegar is said to help cleanse the body of harmful toxins. According to studies, the acetic acid in vinegar can help remove heavy metals and other harmful elements from your body. The liver also acts as a filter in the body and can be detoxed by drinking vinegar. – Helps with Digestion – Vinegar helps with digestion due to its high acidity. It can help reduce acid reflux and heartburn by regulating stomach acidity. – Helps with Free Radical Damage – Vinegar has long been used for its antioxidants and ability to fight free radicals. Drinking vinegar is said to help your body fight free radicals and can also help with eye health and skin issues.

Pros of Making Your Own Shrub

– You Can Use Natural Ingredients – When you make your own shrub, you can ensure that you are using only the natural ingredients you want. – You Can Enjoy It All Year-Long – Shrub is usually made out of fruits that have a shorter shelf life such as lemons, limes, and raspberries. By making your own shrub, you can enjoy these fruits all year long even if they are out of season. – You Can Enjoy Variety – While many people enjoy drinking vinegar all of the time, you can get bored of it. By making your own shrub, you can create different flavor combinations to enjoy. – You Can Use it in Recipes – If you make a shrub and don’t like it, you can use it in recipes such as marinades, sauces, or salad dressings. You can also use it for cocktails and other drinks! – It Makes a Great Gift – You can make shrub any time of the year and give it as a gift during the holidays! – It Can Be Used as a Health Remedy – If you have a health condition, you can make shrub with ingredients that are beneficial to your condition.

Cons of Making Your Own Shrub

– Making shrub can be time consuming if you want to make large batches. – You need to have patience while waiting for it to ferment. – It can be messy if you don’t have the right equipment. – It can be expensive to buy the ingredients depending on the flavor combinations you choose.


Shrub is a beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is made from fruit, vinegar, and sugar, and is perfect for those who want something light and refreshing. You can make your own shrub at home, and you can use the ingredients you want. You can also use shrub in recipes such as marinades, sauces, salad dressings, and cocktails.

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