For those of you who are unsure about what to plant in your garden, here are some ideas to get you started. You can use a color palette to help you choose your plants, and the colors in your garden should complement each other. Cool, soothing colors are perfect for a relaxing afternoon, while warm, stimulating hues are ideal for a stimulating afternoon. When choosing your plants, avoid planting them in rows and instead group them by type, such as annuals and perennials. This will result in a broad drift of color. Also, you can separate plants by water requirements; low-water ones should be separated from those that need more water.

Another resource is the National Trust, whose gardeners employ more than 500 people. Their website is full of helpful gardening tips and ideas. In One Bed shows you how to set up a garden bed, grow your own plants from seed, and harvest your produce. Huw Richards, a popular YouTube gardening guru, shows you how to start planting seeds early and reap a bounty year after year. There is a wealth of information in this resource for beginners and experts alike.

Tinkering with plants is a constant process, and gardeners are no different. From one area to another, they circle back and re-design, modifying and experimenting until they find a look that they love. With garden inspiration from magazines and websites, you can find tips on how to create a container garden, improve your meadow garden, or find a way to fix your shady spots in the yard.

Plants can serve as a natural garland around windows. They also provide a footing on old walls. You can even plant them in concrete steps on the lawn, or cracks on a front walk. By creating a natural ambiance in your garden, you can easily create stunning outdoor spaces. There are endless ways to bring color and life to your garden, and you can use garden inspiration from social media to boost your gardening ideas. So go ahead and start creating your dream garden! There is no need to look further than these seven tips to boost your garden inspiration.

Once you have a basic understanding of the microclimate of your yard, you can plan out a flower garden. Make sure to consider the plants that attract butterflies. Consider the size and shape of your yard when choosing plants, and consider how to keep animals out. In some cases, you may need to install a fence. Besides, garden inspiration can also come from magazines. And, of course, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and designs.

Choose a garden style with visual weight. Consider whether you prefer formal or informal balance. You might want to choose different colors and shapes for different areas, such as a pond. If you prefer a pond with lilies, a small stream cascades into a larger pond. A gurgling fountain in the middle of the pond is a delightful getaway. If you love a lily pond, try using an arched bridge to reach it.